MARCH 25-26-27

In partnership with AISIN

Thanks to you all, Novhack is a huge success! Thank you all for your enthusiasm.








If you are a master student or PhD, come and join THE NovHack. It is a 3 days hackathon held by Euranova, a leading company in the data sector.

Challenge your knowledge to solve the big data business issues of tomorrow that will have a real impact in this data-driven world.

You will have to be creative with your group to develop a solution to solve a big data use case that will involve the use of the most popular data streaming technologies such as Kafka, Flink, etc.. Thanks to our partner AISIN, you will use real-world data that will allow you to challenge your data engineering and business skills.

Hint: We want you to learn, hands-on, the importance of real-time processing and its use for both business intelligence and advanced analytics.

The deadline for the registration is 18/03/2022.







The contest’s purpose is to make you live a unique experience through knowledge sharing and coaching. Each group will have the possibility of getting a mentor. At Euranova we believe that sharing know-how is a key aspect to attain excellence. That is why we give you the opportunity to be mentored.

Throughout these 3 days, mentors will guide you and warn you about the difficulties you might encounter. You will also have, during a set period of time, the opportunity to ask questions to experts.

The experts will be Euranovians who have been working for years in their field of expertise, such as data streaming, machine learning, big data, data pipelines,  etc. The profiles that you can expect:

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Data & software


Data Scientists

Business analysts

Thanks to our partner AISIN, Novhack will use real-world data and allow you to challenge your data engineering and business skills. 


The global automotive industry has entered a highly competitive era of the CASE revolution represented by electrification and autonomous driving, with the rapid growth of environmental regulations and a remarkable technological evolution such as artificial intelligence.

By upholding the new corporate principle of “Inspiring ‘movement’, creating tomorrow” we’ll contribute to the evolution of mobility, while providing inspirational “movement” experiences.

AISIN works with most of the global car manufacturers, which means the vehicle you drove or rode in today is likely equipped with our technology. For over 28 years we have established our leading role in navigation and geolocation technologies including precise positioning and map data enrichment. We combine this expertise with our extensive knowledge of electrified powertrain range and a user-centric approach to create new value in logistics and the mobility of the future. Follow us on LinkedIn 







You can register as an individual or as a group of up to 4 people.

We will set up an online platform to host all interactions during the hackathon. Moreover, all your coding and computation will take place in the cloud. You will receive the links and your credentials to the platforms 1 week before the hackathon.

Warning: a GitHub account will be required

You will need your own computer. None will be provided.

You will have to present your project in English at the end of the day. To ease the presentation, you should prepare a set of slides.

The competition will focus on data engineering. Participants will be asked to derive insights from the data provided by AISIN. Some insights will be defined by the AISIN and Euranova’s experts. The other insights will be created by the participants based on what they believe can be interesting for AISIN’s business. To realise this latter, AISIN will describe its company’s business as well as problems encountered that could be leveraged with the use of data insights. The insights crafted will be displayed automatically, in real-time.

Hint: we want to emphasise the importance of real-time processing for both Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

The programming language is imposed: PYTHON or JAVA and SQL

Each member of the winning team will receive a PRIZE. You will be surprised at what you will win 😉

Read the complete document of “Novhack’s rules” by clicking on this link







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March 25 at 5:00 PM

Start of the Hackathon

Presentation of the Euranova by one of its founders. He will introduce you to the company’s vision and culture, and to the values, we share as Euranovians.

March 25 at 5:40 PM

Presentation of the problem

The problem’s context and the business challenges will be explained by AISIN. A more detailed description of the required solution will be explained and a brief overview of the dataset(s) will be given.

March 25 at 6:00 PM

Start of the contest

Your turn! Design and build your solution to solve the problem. Do not forget to prepare slides for the final presentation.

March 27 at 12:00 PM

End of the contest & Start of the presentations

Get one hour of rest then you will present your solution to the jury of Euranova. It will have to be made in a maximum of 15 minutes.

March 27 at 4:00 PM

Winners announcement & Acknowledgements

The hackathon ends at 5:00 PM



Registrations are now closed.
If you have a question, or you need information
you can send an e-mail to

see you next Friday!