Rules of Hackathon

This document describes the terms and conditions and rules applicable to Novhack. Please read this page carefully before agreeing with the terms and conditions. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Participant and their teams agree to abide by all the governing terms and provisions of this Agreement.

If you or any member of your team do not agree with the rules, you may not take part in the competition.

1. Organizer

Novhack is a hackathon organized by EURA NOVA SA located in rue Emile Francqui 4, Mont Saint Guibert, Belgium. The Competition is available at and it is organized remotely. 

2. Duration and Deadlines

The deadline to register is 18 March 2022. The Hackathon will take place on the 25th of March 2022 at 5 pm (CET) and ends on the 27th of March 2022 at 5 pm (CET). 


3. Conditions of access to the game:

Eligibility criteria:

    • Natural persons 
    • Anyone with knowledge of data.
    • Working proficiency in English


The participants can register as an individual or as a group of up to 4 people.

Participation in Novhack is free.

4. Terms of the Hackathon

The registration portal is available at  The participants are required to provide the following information.

  • The number of participants
  • Name and family names of the participants
  • Participants date of birth
  • valid email address
  • valid phone number
  • address 
  • university of affiliation
  • degree or year of study
  • Size of t shirt in case there is any in the goodies

-The participants need a computer device to take part in the competition. The participants will be assigned a virtual room on a communication platform. The participants will receive the link in the email indicated in the registration form to the platform one week before the start of the competition. Each group will also receive access to cloud instances with the same computing power to take part in Novhack. 

– Participation in the competition implies unreserved acceptance of these regulations.


Each group can be assigned a mentor if requested during the registration. Each mentor will guide a group and inform them of the challenges they might encounter in solving the case. 

5. Winners and prizes

The jury

The jury of experts will decide on the winning group based on the quality of the solution, the innovative nature of the solution,  and the accuracy of the final results. The participants will receive a grid, based on which the final solution will be assessed.  The jury comprised experts from EURA NOVA and AISIN.

 The prize

    • The winners will be announced on the 6th of April in the virtual award ceremony according to the agenda.  
    • The prize is not transferable.

6. Modification of the competition

The organizer reserves the right, at any time and without notice or obligation to justify its decision, to shorten, extend, postpone or cancel Novhack as well as to modify all or part of the conditions of access and/or the terms of implementation of the game;

7. Personal data

The organizers process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. You can read more about how your data is processed at 

In any case, your data will not be kept for later than a month after the end of the Hackathon unless you have provided us with separate consent. 

Damage resulting from the use of personal data of the participant by unauthorized persons can under no circumstances be passed on to the organizers when they have taken appropriate security measures against such risks. 

8. Confidentiality of Data

All participants to the competition undertake to respect the confidentiality of data they are provided for the purposes of solving the challenges of the competition. Among other things, You may not: 

  • use the data for any purpose other than the purposes of the competition. 
  • copy, publish, or in any way make the data public. 
  • give access or disclose the data to any third party who is not a participant in the competition. 
  • reverse engineer or de-anonymise the data.

You commit that at the end of the competition you delete all data provided to you for the purpose of this competition.

9.  Disputes

All disputes concerning the application of these rules are managed independently by the jury. In this case, it suffices to send an email with the complaint to

10.  Contact

For questions about the competition, please contact:

Disclaimer: The participants take part in the competition at their own risk and they cannot hold the organizers responsible for any damages resulting from their participation nor the prize.